Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Post, the sixteenth -- made-up perfection

my final project for this class ended up being a little different than i'd originally thought.

i had wanted to print my photos to make physical, tangible pieces with printed text in between, but it turned out to be a digital presentation.

what happened was: i took photos of 4 peoples faces and focused on one feature very intently; i took those photos and put them together to make new faces with a piece of each of the 4 people (right eye, left eye, nose, mouth).

face 3 of made-up perfection

my point/message ended up being one about caring for and about yourself, something that i think a lot of us are frightened of.

it took me a really long time to learn how to love myself; i thought that acknowledging the positive parts of me was selfish and that it would make me a person i didn't want to be.

it wasn't until i learned that you can't really make anyone else's life better or really care for another person if you're miserable with yourself or don't love yourself.

knowing that you're good at something or liking the way you look, those aren't bad things.

sometimes it can be scary because someone could disagree and say you're bad at [insert: whatever it is that you're doing] or that they don't think you're very good looking at all; so what?!

if you care about yourself and know your worth, those things won't matter as much.

some things will always be able to hurt you, but if you know yourself and your strengths and your beauties and your skills, you'll be able to bounce back so much more easily.

gif of slides from made-up perfection

maybe this project helped one person think something kind about themselves today or maybe it made them feel valued.

my hope would be that it inspired everyone who saw it not to be afraid of liking themselves and ultimately, i hope we can all be at peace with who we are so we can be at peace with each other.