Monday, January 25, 2016

Post, the twelfth -- a visible past, a continuation of unmasked realness

photo 2 of 12 of a visible past

this series of photos is a continuation of unmasked realness and to be honest, for a while that's absolutely all they were.

people suggested to keep going with the lip thing, so i moved up my face, tried to do the whole eye makeup thing, and took photos of it.

i think some of the images are kind of beautiful, but i'm not entirely sure what they mean, but i'm not entirely sure what this book is talking about half the time either.

they say that our eyes are the interpreters of our souls, but what if they're tongue tied and they say that our eyes are the windows to our souls, but what if they're foggy?

what do made-up eyes tell us that naked ones can't?

photo 10 of 12 of a visible past

maybe all of the glitter, black smudges and mascara are just a distraction, a way of keeping what our souls are a secret; if people just look at your eyes and not past them, you're safe, right?

but, again, i think of why and what we want to hide or why we want to change how we look.

maybe you have some deep, dark secret, or maybe you just want another form of creative expression.

maybe you're trying to impress someone, or maybe you're trying to impress yourself.

Jean Baudrillard said "it is no longer a question of a false representation of reality, but of concealing the fact that the real is no longer real" (pg 25).

when someone puts makeup on, they are still themselves, maybe they become more self assured, but that doesn't mean that the tube of Too Faced mascara they bought at Sephora is magic.

it means that they had it in them all along; they just needed a little help; and maybe they're more confident now, but maybe their eyes are streaky and their mascara is flaky and maybe if you saw that, you'd know that they weren't having a great day.

photo 9 of 12 of a visible past

maybe you'd know more if you really looked at what's going on instead of just seeing that someone took the time to touch their face up that morning and making an assumption about them.

i think this goes for a lot of things in life.

we have reasons for what we do, conscious or not, we have reasons and again, i think those reasons are so important.

i think that people are inherently beautiful and i wish that everyone could see what i see when i look at people and i really wish they could see it when they look at themselves.

i guess what i'm trying to say (maybe?) is don't judge; look and don't judge, but think are care and love.

wonder about the people around you and their reasons for what they do, like, wear, read, draw.

i know i just took some pictures of my eyes so this might seem like a stretch, but this is what i got from it, so this is what i can give you.

you can see the rest of the (unedited) photos from a visible past here.


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