Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Post, the fourteenth -- final project proposal

the final project.

i can't believe this is almost over, but that's not what i'm supposed to be talking about; i'm supposed to propose my idea.

for my last project, i want to use photos from "unmasked realness" and "a visible past" along with some new ones of my nose (that will hopefully be contoured by Ariel).

i want to print some images and display them together mosaic style to make a somewhat complete face.

photo from "a visible past"
i think i want to talk about identity and what the images mean together vs apart and i think i want to talk about in a way that doesn't focus so much on the makeup as something unnatural or separate from ourselves.

photo from "unmasked realness"
this project should speak to who we are and what we are on a basic level.

i want to go past the appearance at face value and explore what it means that we change how we look.

it's most certainly a work-in-progress.


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  1. Not focusing on makeup as something unnatural or separate from ourselves is <3. This is like a very soft "fuck you" to all the dudes whose only opinion on makeup is about "false advertising". I'm very excited to see what you do and I hope you are too!